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J. Korean Ceram. Soc. > Volume 40(4); 2003 > Article
Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society 2003;40(4): 323.
doi: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2003.40.4.323
Microwave Dielectric Properties of (Pb0.4Ca0.6)[(Fe1/2Nb1/2)1-x(Mg1/3Nb2/3)x]O3 Ceramics
Eung Soo Kim, Ki-Moon Han1, Jong-Hee Kim2, Ki-Hyun Yoon
Department of materials Engineering, Kyonggi University
1MLCC Research Group, Samaung Electro Mechanics Co.
2Department of Ceramic Engineering, Yonsei University
Microwave dielectric properties of (P $b_{0.4}$C $a_{0.6}$)[($Fe_{frac{1}{2}}$N $b_{frac{1}{2}}$)$_{1-x}$ (M $g_{1}$ 3/N $b_{2}$ 3/)x] $O_3$ (PCFMN) ceramics were investigated as a function of (M $g_{1}$ 3/N $b_{2}$ 3/)$^{4+}$ content (0.1$leq$x$leq$0.8). A single perovskite phase with the cubic structure was obtained through the given composition range. The unit cell volume was increased with (M $g_{1}$ 3/N $b_{2}$ 3/)$^{4+}$, due to the larger average ionic size of (M $g_{1}$ 3/N $b_{2}$ 3/)$^{4+}$ than that of ($Fe_{frac{1}{2}}$N $b_{frac{1}{2}}$)$^{4+}$ for B-site ion. Dielectric constant (K) and Temperature Coefficient of Resonant Frequency(TCF) of PCFMN ceramics were dependent on (M $g_{1}$ 3/N $b_{2}$ 3/)$^{4+}$ content due to the decrease of ionic polarizability and B-site bond valence, respectively. Qf value was decreased with (M $g_{1}$ 3/N $b_{2}$ 3/)$^{4+}$ content due to the decrease of grain size. Typically, K of 73.56, Qf of 5,074 GHz and TCF of -6.45 ppm/$^{circ}C$ were obtained for the specimens with x=0.4 sintered at 125$0^{circ}C$ for 3 h.125$0^{circ}C$ for 3 h.
Key words: (${Pb_{0.4}}{Ca_{0.6}}$)[(${Fe_{1/2}}{Nb_{1/2}}$)$_{1-x}$(${Mg_{1/3}}{Nb{2/3}}$)$_x$]$O_3$, Microwave dielectric properties, Dielectric polarization, B-site bond valence, Rattling effect
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