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J. Korean Ceram. Soc. > Volume 45(8); 2008 > Article
Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society 2008;45(8): 477.
doi: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2008.45.8.477
SrAl2O4계 축광재료의 습식공정에 의한 나노분말 합성 및 발광특성
서울시립대학교 신소재공학과
Synthesis of the Nano-sized SrAl2O4 Phosphors by Wet Processing and its Photoluminescence Properties
Jung-Sik Kim
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The University of Seoul
$Eu^{2+}$ and $Dy^{3+}$ co-doped strontium aluminate, $SrAl_2O_4$ long phosphorescent phoshor was fabricated and its photoluminescence was characterized. The phosphor, $SrAl_2O_4:Eu^{2+},Dy^{3+}$ was synthesized by a coprecipitation in which metal salts of $Sr(NO_3)_2$, $Al(NO_3)_3{cdot}9H_2O$, were dissolved in $(NH_4)_2CO_3$ solution with adding $Eu(NO_3)_3{cdot}5H_2O$ and $Dy(NO_3)_3{cdot}5H_2O$ as a activator and co-activator, respectively. The coprecipitated products were separated from solution, washed, and dried in a vacuum dry oven. The dried powders were then mixed with 3 wt% $B_2O_3$ as a flux and heated at $800{sim}1400^{circ}C$ for 3 h under the reducing ambient atmosphere of 95%Ar+$5%H_2$ gases. For the synthesized $SrAl_2O_4:Eu^{2+},Dy^{3+}$, properties of photoluminescence such as emission, excitation and decay time were examined. The emission intensity increased as the annealing temperature increased and showed a maximum peak intensity at 510 nm with a broad band from $400{sim}650;nm$. Monitored at 520 nm, the excitation spectrum showed a maximum peak intensity at $315{sim}320;nm$ wavelength with a broad band from $200{sim}500;nm$ wavelength. The decay time of $SrAl_2O_4:Eu^{2+},Dy^{3+}$ increased as the annealing temperature increased.
Key words: Phosphor, $SrAl_2O_4:Eu^{2+},Dy^{3+}$, Long phosphorescence, Coprecipitation
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