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Effect of dissolution on dielectric properties of Y‑α/β SiAlON fabricated by SPS
R. Noori, Parvin Alizadeh, S. S. S. Afghahi
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2021;58(6):706-717.   Published online November 30, 2021
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s43207-021-00145-1
         Cited By 1
Antibacterial behavior of copper glazes: effect of copper(II) oxide concentrations and sintering atmospheres
Junghoon Choi, Jinho Kim, Kyusung Han, Ungsoo Kim
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2021;58(3):287-296.   Published online May 31, 2021
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s43207-021-00112-w
         Cited By 6
Dissolution Technology Development of E-Glass Fiber for Recycling Waste of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Suyeon Lee, Woo Sik Kim
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2019;56(6):577-582.   Published online November 27, 2019
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2019.56.6.09
                           Cited By 2
Structural, Optical, and Chemical Properties of Cadmium Phosphate Glasses
Jae-Yeop Chung, Jong-Hwan Kim, Su-Yeon Choi, Hyun-Joon Park, Moon-Kyung Hwang, Yoon-Ki Jeong, Bong-Ki Ryu
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2015;52(2):128
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2015.52.2.128
         Cited By 6
Heavy Metal Ion Immobilization Properties of Microporous Ettringite Body
Hyeon-Yeop Na, Tae-Woong Song
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2009;46(6):668
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2009.46.6.668
         Cited By 1
Preparation of Hydroxyapatite Powder Derived from Tuna Bone and Its Sintering Property
Dong-Seok Seo, Young-Gook Kim, Kyu-Hong Hwang, Jong-Kook Lee
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2008;45(10):594
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2008.45.1.594
         Cited By 3
Dissolution Phenomenon in BaO-B2O3-ZnO Glass System by Acid Etching
Jae-Myung Kim, Kyung-Jun Hong, Nam-Suk Kim, Hyung-Sun Kim
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2006;43(1):33
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2006.43.1.033
         Cited By 1
Dissolution Properties of Phosphate Glasses with Trace Elements
Hoi-Kwan Lee, Won-Ho Kang
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2005;42(6):371
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2005.42.6.371
Effect of Glass Composition on the Properties of Glass-Infiltrated Alumina (II) : Effect of La2O3
Jae-Hee Lee, Cheol-Young Kim
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2004;41(12):939
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2004.41.12.939
Surface dissolution of Hydroxyapatite Biomaterials with Ca/P Ratio
Dong-Seok Seo, Hwan Kim, Jong-Kook Lee
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2004;41(1):45
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2004.41.1.045
         Cited By 1
Dissolution Properties of K2O-CaO-MgO-SiO2-P2O5 Glasses
이용수, 윤태민, 강원호
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2003;40(11):1132
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2003.40.11.1132
         Cited By 2
Proton Conduction in Y2O3-doped SrZrO3
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2002;39(7):635
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2002.39.7.635
         Cited By 2
An Interface Reactions between Sintered Mn-Zn Ferrite and $SiO_2$-PbO-ZnO Bonding Glass
이대희, 박명식, 김정주, 이병교, 조상희
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2000;37(12):1204
The Effect of $Ba^{2+}$ion Dissolution on Microstructural Changes and Electrical Properties in $BaTiO_3$ Aqueous Slurry System
김상우, 신용욱, 이해원, 윤기현
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2000;37(5):511
Defect Structure and Electrical Conductivities of $SrCe_{0.95}Yb_{0.05}O_3$
최정식, 이도권, 유한일
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2000;37(3):271
Investigation of Slury Properties for Aqueous Casting of Nano-Size Barium Titanate
김상우, 신용욱, 이해원, 손용배
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1999;36(7):705
Effect of VC Addition on the Microstructure & Mechanical Properties of Ti(CN)-based Cermet
안성용, 강신후
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1998;35(12):1316
Preparation and Characterization of Water-Soluble Glass Through Melting Process(II) : Dissolution Characteristics, Bactericidal Effects and Cytotoxicity
오승한, 조종호, 최세영, 오영제
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1997;34(1):13
Preparation and Characterization of Water-Soluble Glass through Melting Process (I) : Dissolution Characteristics, Bactericidal Effects and Cytotoxicity
조종호, 이용근, 최세영, 신철수, 김경남
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1995;32(10):1093
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